Challenge Coins and Lapel Pins – Let You Show Your Value

Challenge Coins and Lapel Pins- Let You Show Your Value

You must have heard about challenge coins, but do you have any idea about what they are?

A custom challenge coin is a type of metal that is worn by someone in the identification of any particular cause or organization. Normally, it is prestigious for the person who is wearing Custom military medals. After accomplishing the certain goal for any organization or taking active participation in any event one can get a challenge coin. Custom challenge coins and lapel pins are used by the different organization for boosting the morale of their employees.

Reasons for the popularity of custom challenge coins

If you want to order Wholesale custom challenge coins you will find that they are available in different sizes with varied designs. You can select any particular design for the challenge coins that you want to order for your organization. There are different options available for decorating the coins too. Above all the cost per unit of these challenge coins and lapel pins are not that high. And if you compare the cost with the value and prestige that these coins have, then it is simply nothing. This is one of the prime reasons that these custom challenge coins and lapel pins are so popular.

Every coin is not a challenge coin

You cannot consider any coin as challenge coin. If the coin is worn in the same manner as it is then it will be considered as the true coin. Else it will not be considered as challenge coin. Like, if there is a hole in the coin then the coin will lose its value and it will no more be considered a challenge coin. With a hole in the coin, it can be an ordinary medal but it will not be considered as a challenge coin anymore.

It is a practice that the challenge coins should be present with the owner always. If they cannot present the challenge coin when asked for then it will be considered bad. Hence, the owner should be proud of the challenge coin and must carry it along with them always. If you do not carry the coins along with you it will show that they are of not that importance to you. Challenge coins are prestigious and one must remember that they should not do anything that will harm the prestige of the challenge coin. You will get one only when you have achieved something and you should be proud of that.

The history of having the military medals along with you dates back to ages when an American Air Force officer was shot down by enemies. When they got the body they decide to check it and found the medals with him. In order to show respect to an air force cadet, they send back the body to America. From then it is a tradition that if someone gets Custom military medals they must always have it along with them.


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